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Marshall Hart has 34 years of commercial real estate experience. Under his leadership, Mainland has developed in excess of 5 million square feet of various types of multi-tenant retail and single-tenant, build-to-suit properties.

After undergrad, Marshall worked in site selection and development for Hardees Food Systems in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Georgia for 5 years. He then went on to work for a private developer where he specialized in developing Kroger stores. From 1992 to 2005, he was a partner in Hart Redd - where he and AM Redd Jr developed for McDonald's, AutoZone, Blockbuster Video, 17 Kroger-anchored shopping centers, 211 CVS drugstores, 1 K-Mart, 6 Winn Dixie's, and 1 Wal-Mart. Marshall lead Hart Red as sole owner from 2005-2017. 

In 2017, Hart Red merged with Mainland Companies to form Mainland's Retail Division. In his career, Marshall has developed in excess of $4B in value across over 4M square feet of retail real estate. 

Along the course of his 41 year career, his family has grown too. Marshall enjoys his time with his wife, Kimberli, and their 5 children, Trey, Brooke, Brittanie, Caroline, and Will... and 6 grandchildren so far and hoping for many more on the way! 

In his free time, Marshall enjoys hunting across North America, saltwater fishing, golf, reading, and always scouting out new properties. 

In his own words, Marshall would "work as a developer for free... this has been a lifelong dream sine I was 22 years old working at Hardees... I walked in, saw floor plans for a new site, and knew that was exactly what I wanted to do for a living".

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